History of Humanity: Modernity to Posthumanism

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1. The Renaissance as a Paradigm Shift

2. Luther and the Protestant Reformation: Sola Fide and Iconoclasm

3. The Counter-Reformation: Art and Religious Propaganda

4. Gutenberg, the Advent of Science, and the Rise of Capitalism

5. The Enlightenment and the Quantification of the World

6. The Age of Louis XIX: Art, Decadence, and Political Ideology

7. Rococo: Paris, The Salon, and the Seduction of Pleasure

8. Neoclassicism: The Rational Aesthetic

9. Romanticism and the Romantic Movement

10. The Industrial Revolution, Materialism, Historicism and Realism

11. Marx and Marxism(s)

12. Darwin and Darwinism(s)

13. Impressionism: Painting the Modern World

14. Postimpressionism: Abstracting Modernity

15. Nietzsche

16. Freud

17. Modernism 1900-1920

18. Modernism 1920-1940

19. Phenomenology: The Philosophy of Being

20. Existentialism: Action and Responsibility

21. WWII and the Cold War

22. The 1950s: Complacency and Its Discontents

23. The 1960s: Counter-Culture and Revolution

24. Watergate, Neoliberalism, Postmodernism
and the Digital Revolution

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