History of Humanity: From Hominids to Christianity

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Text  Iván Castañeda, World Art and Culture, Vol. I (Great River, 2011) ISBN: 9781615492947


1. The Birth of the Human: Hominids and Representation

2. The Birth of the Sacred: Consciousness of Death,
Time and the Birth of Primordial Guilt

3. Images and the Sacred

4. Violence, Sexuality and the Sacred

5. The Neolithic Revolution: Agriculture, Settlement, Place, and Centers

6. The Goddess: Fertility, Nature, and Woman

7. The Birth of Civilization: Order, Rule, and Kingship in the Ancient Near East

8. The Preservation of Truth: Images, Writing and Laws

9. Distinction: Space, Bodies and Sexuality

10. Birth, Death, and Afterlife: Art and Religion in Ancient Egypt

11. The Birth of Questioning: Early Greece

12. The Aesthetics of Life: Greek Religion

13. Art and Ideology: Rome

14. Monotheism: Judaism and the Mosaic Taboo

15. From Judaism to Christianity

16. Christianity and Images

17. From Primitive Christianity to Constantine

18. Early Medieval Art & Culture

19. Islam and Art

20. Ars Sacra: The Carolingian Renaissance
and the Romanesque

21. Medieval Aesthetics

22. The Idea of the Renaissance

23. The Renaissance in Florence

24. The High Renaissance and Mannerism


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