The Political Economy of Death

im-possible courses


1. Life: Bios and Zoe

2. Life and Death: Humans

3. Life and Death: Animals

4. Life and Death: Nature

5. Life and Death: The Sacred

6. A Short History of Death:

The Birth of Death
Death and Nature
Civilization and Death
Death in Ancient Egypt
Death in Ancient Greece
Death in Rome
Death and Judaism
Death and Christianity
Death and Islam

7. Modern Concepts of Death:

Death and Science
Death and Romanticism
Death and Technology
Death and Industrialization
Freud and Death
Death and Existentialism

8. Death in the 20th Century:

The Holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Death and fundamentalism

9. The Ethics of Death:

Death and Disease
Death and Punishment
Death and Biopower
Death and Biopolitics

10. Death and the Posthuman

11. The Future(s) of Death:

Necropower and Necropolitics

12. Conclusions: On the Political Economy of Death

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