The Hunger Games: Image, Ideology & Power

im-possible courses


1. Introduction: The Mythological and Historical Antecedents of The Hunger

2. The Hunger Games Universe

3. Ideology and Political Power: A User’s Guide

4. Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses in The Hunger Games

5. The Collective and Subjectivity in The Hunger Games: Gender
Ideologies in The Hunger Games

6. Surveillance and Information for Beginners

7. Spectacle, Technofetishism & Technophilia

8. The Political Economy of the Senses in The Hunger Games

9. Image and the Production of Reality

10. Fashion & Ideology

11. War-Porn and The Hunger Games

12. Reality Television Taught to Children

13. The Posthuman and The Hunger Games

14. Cruel Optimism Taught to Adults: The Dreams of The Hunger Games

15. Melancholic Freedom(s) and The Hunger Games: The Human
Condition and The Hunger Games

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