posthumanism & design

Posthumanism does not designate the notion that we have evolved beyond humanity as such. Posthumanism denotes the reality that at this moment in history we are involved in  redesigning and redefining the human. We are therefore post humanism in the traditional sense: the human as essentially natural. The reality is that through biotechnological advances and communication technologies we are now becoming not just homo technologicus but homo poeticus, creating human, in the sense that through technology we can now literally redesign humanity itself. 

As posthumans we understand that we can make literally anything. Making is creating and creating is design at work. The individual and the collective are never detached entities but are self-creating systems reciprocally involved. Posthumanity can replicate anything and replication (literally, “folding back again”) is sustainability. We are thus, individually and collectively autopoietic designers of the future of (for now) this planet. The process of design and autopoiesis is possibly the most emancipatory opportunity that humanity has ever been given. The responsibility is impossible to measure and will entail a redesign of ethics.