Paul Cockeram

I teach courses on media analysis, argumentation, rhetorical and literary theory, and creative use of language. Even though the 21st century has been called “post-literate,” there has never been more text published through more media, and my task is to bring together these diverse ideas in new, fruitful formulations. I explore the convergence of literature, writing, economics, and public policy in the most pressing issues of our day, particularly the gaps in income, wealth, educational achievement, and skills. I joined the im-possible team of interdisciplinary thinkers and researchers in order to break down artificial barriers between academic disciplines, seeking the creative possibilities only available in contact zones where different cultures and sensibilities come together to challenge one another and innovate. Since my training is in critical thinking, reading and writing, I function as polymath and creative problem-solver, knowing that—as the zen koan says—an amateur sees many possibilities where an expert sees only one.