tutoring & consulting

im-possible tutoring and consulting services provide expert, result-oriented advice for undergraduate and graduate humanities students. im-possible tutors are not run-of-the-mill. They are award-winning, established, working professors. Our professors will provide one-on-one tutoring in the humanities and liberal arts disciplines as well as consulting and mentoring services whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student. From undergraduate curriculum and career planning to graduate thesis and dissertation consulting, im-possible offers professional academic expertise tailored to your specific needs and goals.

We offer different options for tutoring and consulting academic services, from live chat, email consultations, and real-time video sessions. Like all our im-possible services, you design your delivery template and we provide you with what meets your needs.

writing services

Whether you’re thinking about writing for the first time or you have a manuscript already written (maybe hidden in a drawer), im-possible can help with your next step. Experienced in writing and publishing, our professionals can guide you through revising, editing, and publishing your poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. Contact us for a consultation at im-possible@im-possiblethink.com.