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Education is at an historical crossroads, and im-possible recognizes the opportunity to design 21st century education paradigms that meet the economical, ethical, and technological needs of contemporary students, educators, and administrators. Specializing in multidisciplinary consultation, design, and research, we offer products that range from progressive curricula and pedagogy to state of the art models for technological delivery.

im-possible aims to collaborate with academics, artists, cultural theorists, designers, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, technology experts, and writers in order to (re)shape the future of education.

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im-possible school


Learn about courses, study plans, and the im-possible classroom’s focus on ethics, digital culture, and user-designed education.

tutoring and writing services

tutoring & writing services

Hire an expert to give you result-oriented advice on issues important for undergraduate and graduate humanities students or creative writers working on a manuscript.

education retreats


Retreats and conferences allow participants to share their ideas and work in friendly environments beyond the traditional and virtual classrooms.