The Hunger Games Mythos: the primordial questions & problematics of the human condition

Iván Castañeda Screens


A mythos is a telling, a story, originally verbally delivered, of some event, usually told in a manner that highlights the primordial questions and problematics of the human condition. The structure of the mythos/myth follows a certain pattern and chronological arc that is uncannily similar in virtually all mythical narratives. The mythos is singularly a metaphorical or literal journey or odyssey, often symbolizing the journey of the individual in life. There are many variables to the mythos and braidings of various primordial themes. Nonetheless, the myth often follows at least a variation of the monomythic journey from the calling to return. Given the structural analysis of the mythos, what are some possible mythological patterns and/or components in The Hunger Games? Moreover, what are some archetypal components in The Hunger Games?